SAF London 1

On the 26 March SAF organised a conference with a number of fantastic artists, creatives, motivators and crowd funders, all of which had developed innovative ways of getting things done. The conference aimed to provide the audience with a toolkit in which they can continue to create, plot & complete projects in an age of austerity, and was a fascinating day to attend; please find the audio archive below, we hope you find it useful.

Bridget introduces the day, with a typically inspirational speech.

Roger Hartley begins proceedings with an introduction to the Bureau of Silly Ideas, his company which produces fantastic public art events by collaborating with local councils, building contractors and giant squid.

Tara Cranswick enlightens us about V22 Collection, how the Collection supports artists using its highly unusual business model, and her exciting new building in The Biscuit Factory.

Khadijatou Doyneh talks about how her life changed dramatically after her first trip to South Africa and the projects she has done since then.

Emelia Telese explains to us her three project theory of sustaining oneself as an artist, mechanisms behind the art world and how not to let fund-hunting distract you from your artistic ideas.

Shaun Patrick James talks about how he developed the Prickimage brand around himself, his live vj project which he brings to club nights.

Marcie Buxton reinvigorates the room after lunch with gymnastic anecdotes,  exercises and self affirming mantras.

Michael Troughton, the first of three crowdfunding speakers today, introduces us to the concept, and to his website’s – We Fund – specific approach.

Gregory Vincent talks to us about his crowdfunding website, Sponsume

Ed Whiting of We Did This, describes to us his non-profit crowdfunder.

A Q&A of the Crowd Funders, led by Kathy O’Brien.

Bridget Edwards sums up the day.

A big thank you to all of our speakers, Kathy O’Brien for hosting the day, and all the delegates!


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