Art at the Bridge #3

Southwark Arts Forum presents: Tower Bridge OPEN.

The exhibition opens on 13th February and will be open for six months.

For the third rendition of Southwark Arts Forum and Tower Bridge Exhibition’s partnership, we opened up this fantastic monument to as many artists as we could. We sent a call out asking our members for works that would resonate in the Bridge, art that spoke about Power in Motion and Beauty of the Machine.

William Detlev Chapman’s abstract geometrical paintings (top left) which hint at another world underneath our own; fractal and hypnotic.

Samuel Capp’s work (far right), made from Thames driftwood and drawn over intricately; the biological machine.

Anna Lytridou’s drawings (very middle) are the collision between an architect’s render of a building and personal memory of space.

Phil Polglaze’s cut-up photograph assemblages (one left & two right) are dissections of the image surface, the flat refigured into depth, meaning and purpose.

Jen Patterson’s works (bottom right) are monumental in their meaning, she explains the cycle of life, civilisation’s crumbling, disease & death, and subsequent rebirth, in palette wood which is shown being eaten by woodworm and disease, organic, natural forms taking back human-made oblongs.

Polly Bagnall’s Can you see me? A series of three photos of people waving to the camera remind us of the the excitement of life.

Lanis Levy’s urban photographs are a modernist poetic compositions which give time and space to the overlooked.

Zanny Mellor’s painting and drawing (top and bottom middle) are happy collisions of construction lattices, hope and brands, with a movement that impels the viewer in.

Lucy Johnson’s photograph of a mosaic of the Thames made by people with learning difficulties at Poetry in Wood, evokes the history of the Thames, and how the River has flowed while London formed, through the rise and fall of empires; Roman & British.

Pia Randall-Goddard print works (left side) searches for beauty hidden in the machine, documenting and promoting the functional object to the aesthetic realm.

Simon Veis’ labyrinthine drawings on MDF (top right) are intricate studies of an imagined city where anything can happen.

The artworks you see before you, all investigate the built environment, architecture and engineering, I hope that they have helped give you the time and space to consider them, the world and our place in it.

We at Southwark Arts Forum, are greatly pleased to enable Southwark’s artists to show their work to Tower Bridge’s international audience.

Southwark Arts Forum is the creative agency for Southwark, we support all sorts of artists in their work, continued professional development and exhibition opportunities, such as Art at The Bridge. Membership is open to all.

All work is for sale, for more information please contact Alex Ressel



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